Published: 2019-08-17 | Categories: [»] Engineering, [»] Opticsand[»] Chemistry.

This week-end I took some time to analyse a few solvents that I had on hand using the [»] homemade Raman spectrometer with all its upgrades.

All the spectra were acquired over 1 minute exposure time with the laser temperature controlled to 22.50±0.05 °C and the laser driver current set to 300±1 mA which should be about 20 mW although I have no means of checking the actual power. The exposure time is clearly overkill and 1 second exposure time would have already been enough but I wanted to keep consistency with the previous experiments. Also, please note that I did not pay too much attention to the wavenumber scale calibration.

I let you enjoy the spectra as images but also as raw data [∞] here :) do what you want with the data, it’s free of charge!

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